Time Saving Bathroom Cleaning Tips

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Time Saving Bathroom Cleaning Tips

The bathroom is often the most used room in the house and because of this the hardest to clean and keep clean. By incorporating a few time saving bathroom cleaning tips into your regular routine, you can cut your cleaning time, save money on disinfectant cleaning products and enjoy a cleaner
bathroom for longer periods of time.

When cleaning the bathroom, always start with the mirrors and shower doors. By cleaning from top to bottom you will save steps. The dirt from the mirrors and wall can sometimes fall to the floor. If done first, the dirt can then be cleaned in one step when you sweep and mop the floors.

To clean the mirrors and shower doors, Miller and Jacks LS Anolyte disinfectant cleaner will leave your surfaces with a streak free shine. The anolyte solution produced is a very powerful disinfectant against all bacteria, viruses, algae, molds, spores, and other pathogens, including the H1N1 virus, coronavirus, E. coli, and many more.  LS Anolyte concentrate is rich in mixed oxidants. The mixed oxidants include chlorine dioxide, hydrogen peroxide, ozone, and hydroxyl radicals. LS anolyte solution, rich in oxygen, is a solution in which pathogens such as mold spores, bacteria, fungi, and viruses cannot survive. In addition, this product is nontoxic and is completely environmentally friendly.  Kills all viruses 10x faster than Lysol! Safe on skin and on all surfaces! 

Time Saving Bathroom Cleaning Tips by Miller and Jack Sanitizers and DisinfectantsTo clean grime and soap scum off the tub and shower stall you will need to use a twostep process. First scrub the area with a white bristle brush to loosen grime and score the area so that a cleaner can penetrate it more readily. Next, spray or wipe on a concentrated, Miller and Jacks LS Anolyte disinfectant cleaner. Allow the product to set and the grime and soap scum should rinse right off.

After cleaning the tub and shower stall, coat the surfaces with an expensive car wax. If you do this twice a year it will help to repel dirt and cut cleaning time in half.

Another great time saving bathroom cleaning tip for your shower stall is to wipe away all the water after each use. This will keep the dirt and grime from building up and make weekly cleaning a breeze.

After you have cleaned the big surfaces, it is time to clean the toilet and wipe down the counters, sinks and faucets. Miller and Jacks LS Anolyte Disinfectant is the most effective cleaner for these jobs. Simply Miller and Jack LS Anolyte Disinfectant with a cloth and allow it to set for a few minutes. Then rinse the solution and wipe down the surfaces.

Other simple bathroom cleaning tips include the use of a bath rug outside the shower to collect water and dirt, the cleaning of your plastic shower curtain by tossing it in the washing machine with your dirty cleaning rags and the use of toothpaste and a scrub brush to shine and clean your ornate metal faucets.

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